Why TallySales?

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—Greg Klein, Willi’s Ski Shop

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Know your current market segment, know your growing market segment and sell the products that your customers want.

customer relationship managememt

Customer Relationship Management

Let your customers know you value their business. TallySales CRM is designed to assist you in communicating with your customer and identify buying trends.

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point of sales promotions

Sales & Promotions

Drive traffic to your stores with TallySales Sales Events and Coupons.

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customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Build stronger connections with your customers with TallySales Reward Points and Special Offer programs.

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Create efficiencies to deliver your products and services in a timely manner to your customers.

inventory managment

Inventory Management

Turn your inventory into cash and maximize your return on investment. TallySales identifies what is selling and what’s not.

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employee management

Employee Management

Use TallySales to know when your staff members clock-in, clock-out or go on break.

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credit card pos

Credit Card

PCI CompliantWith TallySales integrated credit card, you will increase bookkeeping accuracy and use the Credit Card Processor of your choice.

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System Integration

As your business grows, TallySales grows with you.

ecommerce point of sale


TallySales eCommerce provides seamless integration with less administration. A single entry for a product updates information for both the Retail Store and the Web Store.

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accounting systems


Improve efficiency and accuracy by connecting your financial information. TallySales allows dynamic data exchange with many accounting applications.

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franchise management

Franchise Management

Duplicate your business while maintaining brand cohesion and standards with TallySales Partner.Net

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