Subscription Program

Imagine if you could buy a state-of-the-art point of sale software system on an affordable monthly basis instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars that will cut into your operating expenses.

Instead of investing a considerable amount of money into a POS system, TallySales offers a subscription package. It allows you drive your profits higher while using our subscription program, requiring only a minimal up-front cost. It’s an affordable option for small to mid-size companies or for businesses that want to save on operating costs while benefitting from TallySoft’s extensive POS capabilities.

Generate Profits through an Affordable, High-Quality System

The TallySales point of sale subscription program is the same innovative system that all of our clients use to gather customer data that can be used to generate additional sales. It includes:

  • An easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • A network tolerant system with an independent database
  • A multi-unit component for multiple locations
  • A mobile-friendly POS system that invites customers to complete transactions using any mobile device
  • A back office inventory feature that allows you to manage and distribute POS information to various departments
  • The ability to generate custom reports based on your particular criteria
  • Web-based training for you and your employees
  • 24/7 Gold-level support with free upgrades.

By paying a fraction of the purchase price each month, the subscription program eliminates the need to provide a large up-front investment while keeping a company’s operating costs to a minimum. There are no additional overhead costs.

A No-Risk POS Subscription Program

The TallySales subscription program ensures that our clients are benefiting from all of TallySoft’s features and that it is helping to increase sales, manage inventory, and develop customer relationships. As a subscription licensed user, you can discontinue TallySoft at any time.

Our subscription clients will be authorized to use the equipment and software while they pay monthly for its use. The up-front costs include a fee for the initial configuration and training of the user-supplied software.

You will be billed each month for the TallySoft subscription program. Hardware, customized software and onsite training are not included in the subscription program.

Call TallySales today to learn more about our affordable point of sale subscription program.

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