Restaurant POS Systems

Your restaurant is fast-paced and diligent; shouldn’t your technology be too? TallySoft’s restaurant POS software takes care of your business operations, so you have more time to take care of your guests.

Simplify Your Restaurant Operations

As a restaurant owner, your job comes with enough challenges. When considering new restaurant technology, you want to look for a system that will make your life easier, not more complicated. TallySoft’s restaurant POS software was designed with you in mind– an integrated point of sale solution created to streamline your business operations.

TallySoft’s POS solution comes packed with all of the tools your restaurant needs to grow and succeed, from boosting your customer experience to optimizing your employees. Our flexible software can serve as a complete solution for any full-service restaurant or combined retail-restaurant environment.

Restaurant POS Benefits

Intuitive Interface: TallySoft’s POS software is easy to learn, easy to teach, and easy to use. Because of this, you can spend less time training and more time creating outstanding customer experiences.

Increase Table Turns: Our software solutions allow servers to place and manage orders quickly and efficiently, turning more tables per shift.

Fewer Errors, More Sales: Your employees perform better when they are equipped with the right tools. Our restaurant POS software simplifies the ordering process, resulting in fewer errors and more sales.

Features and Functionality

TallySoft’s restaurant POS software provides the must-have features you need for total restaurant management. Our software includes a comprehensive list of features suited for any restaurant environment, including:

  • Inventory Management: TallySoft gives you greater visibility into your most popular menu items, to help you plan and prepare for customer demands.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Splitting the bill doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our POS software makes splitting checks and payments easy, giving you happier customers.
  • Gift Cards and Coupons: Retain your current customers, attract new ones, and boost restaurant sales with our gift card and coupon program.
  • Time Clock: Finally, the pain-free solution your restaurant has been looking for. TallySoft’s restaurant POS software has time clock capabilities, helping you better manage your staff.
  • Customer Relationship Management: With our software, you can collect and analyze your customer’s buying patterns and trends to create targeted promotions and drive repeat business.
  • Menu Management: Create and manage unlimited menu items, as well as add customized product speed keys whenever and however you’d like.
Perfect for Retail-Restaurant Environments

Our flexible software can serve as a complete solution for any full-service restaurant, but also works exceptionally well in a combined retail-restaurant environment. If you offer both food service and retail sales in one location, TallySoft’s POS software is the answer for all of your needs. Whether you’re a quick service franchise, resort, or golf course, TallySoft’s POS solution will help you take back control of your total business operations.

What Can You Expect from TallySales? Download our Complete POS Guide to TallySales Retail Management Suite


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