In today’s world, consumers are used to having everything at their fingertips, including purchasing power. With more than one billion online buyers worldwide, purchasing goods through their laptop, desktop, smart phone, or tablet, your store’s e-commerce capabilities are critical to your success.

Full Integration with Back Office Management

If you’ve avoided jumping into the lucrative e-commerce retail world because you believe that managing inventory, back office procedures, and shipping options would be too difficult, then TallySales can provide a solution. E-commerce Integration provides for a single entry of products created in TallySales to be uploaded to your e-store. All entries or changes made to your inventory are updated seamlessly through every system from any system.

Our E-Commerce software can help you manage your online store. TallySales is fully integrated with many third party web commerce developers, providing for an easy-to-use shopping cart system with customizable features. The tools in this software allow you to:

  • Create your online store featuring your most popular products
  • Decide your pricing in your virtual store and determine your stock levels
  • Add content, product categories, details, pictures, and links

The integration of TallySales’ E-Commerce solution eliminates the guesswork out of inventory management, creating an accurate product count through a single-entry system that streamlines your inventory by:

  • Automatically sending online orders to TallySales Back Office Management Suite
  • Automatically updating and adjusting your inventory count during fulfillment
  • All centralized data is sent using our Back Office Management Suite, which communicates every change to the necessary departments.

For fulfillment and shipping, TallySales provides solutions including:

  • Ensuring accuracy with pick / verify fulfillment
  • Completing the sale and processing orders using payment systems including Verisign, LinkPoint, and Authorize.NET, as well as tax calculation software such as and CyberSource.
  • Integrating shipping options like UPS Online Tools, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Canada Post to ensure timely delivery.

By integrating various shopping cart programs and managing inventory for your online and physical stores, you can expand your business using the superior functionality of TallySale’s E-Commerce system.

What Can You Expect from TallySales? Download our Complete POS Guide to TallySales Retail Management Suite


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