Retail Back Office Management

You made the sale. You have seen the profits. Now promote and grow your business with the TallyExplorer back office management suite.

Grow Your Business

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your operations, specifically in the complex back office environment. But how do you automate and streamline a variety of manual functions? How do you integrate multiple locations, where employees perform a variety of IT, accounting, and human resources tasks that require everyone to share information?

TallyExplorer—the ultimate in back-office management

With TallyExplorer, you’ll accurately apply front end efficiencies in the back office environment. We grow with your business and allow you to combine key features as you enhance your business strategies. Effortlessly manage promotional and sales programs, inventory, purchasing, employees and eCommerce.
Back Office Management
You’ll be able to:

  • Automate manual processes for easy storage and retrieval
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • View and manage resource capacity and scheduling
  • Empower your employees to self-manage and track performance

Using the TallyExplorer back office management system, you’ll grow your business in specific ways:

Manage all aspects of Purchasing

From a Purchasing Management perspective, the TallyExplorer allows you to create purchase orders for your vendors and automatically update your inventory stats on the fly as new inventory is received. You’ll also be able to print barcodes and labels as needed or as part of the receiving process and receive serialized merchandise.

Manage Single and Multi-store Inventory

Create new products and packages by defining the unique characteristics for your retail environment and reporting requirements. Then manage single and multi-store inventory in real time by keeping track of your inventory across multiple locations. From one location to another, you can:

  • Look up and transfer inventory
  • Track inventory
  • Open box returns
  • Perform RMA’s
Enhance your Customer Relationships

The more information you are able to gather and leverage about your customer base, the better able you will be equipped to meet their needs. Not only meet—exceed. And before they have to ask. That’s what the TallySales back office management solution can do for you.

You’ll be able to define and manage:

  • Customer buying trends
  • Sales events, Discount Plans, Markdowns
  • Event scheduling
  • Gift Cards and Coupons
  • Targeted communication via mailings and email
  • Web store management
Manage your Employees

Take back control of all aspects of your retail operation including the people who run it. Yes, not only will you better manage your product inventory, sales, and customer relationships, you’ll be able to understand and track scheduling, time management, performance and more!


As a business owner, you’re probably continually being tasked with doing more with less. Gain assurance in managing your accounting practices with TallySoft Data Broker. While managing customer accounts, employee time sheets and financial reconciliations, this dynamic data exchange feature is also compatible with many of the major accounting applications. You can also manage customer accounts, employee time sheets and perform financial reconciliation.

What Can You Expect from TallySales? Download our Complete POS Guide to TallySales Retail Management Suite


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