Our Mission

TallySoft’s mission declares our enduring purpose as a company and serves as the standard by which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Our mission is to develop, market and support a retail management solution that our customers find practical, innovative and essential for operating their business.

Our Values

TallySoft’s values are the foundation upon which we build our enduring success.

We strive for excellence, applying accountability and ownership in all our daily practices.
We serve with promptness, communicating a sense of partnership and overall satisfaction.
We foster a team atmosphere, building relationships that encourage success.
We act with integrity and respect, honoring God in all that we do.
We embrace success, driving creativity, facing challenges and honoring commitments.
We pursue the highest standards, delivering quality software, technology and services.

The Art of Retail Management

The art of retail management is a long-term business principal that is linked to the current and future success of TallySoft. While the science of a point-of-sale system allows retailers to be efficient and organized, the art of a retail management system extends profit opportunities and enables retailers to better focus on their customers, employees and product merchandising. TallySoft strives to help innovative retailers realize this potential. TallySoft believes that providing a flexible retail management solution – the Art – helps give our customers a competitive advantage in today’s retail market.

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