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Master the Art of Retail

Retailers understand that in today’s market, it can be challenging to develop relationships with customers and stay ahead of the competition. Without a robust and feature-rich point of sale (POS) system to help you master the retail environment, you may not have the tools you need to manage your business efficiently and profitably. Retail POS software from TallySoft enables you to streamline your operations, satisfy customers, and make data-driven business decisions that help you reach your business goals.

TallySoft User Benefits

Easy to Learn
Reduce your training costs and minimize the learning curve for sales associates with this intuitive user interface.

Easy to Use
Graphical touchscreen and colorful speed keys allow your sales associates to perform routine tasks with ease.

Quick Processing
Associates can handle sales, returns, special orders, and layaways with ease, ensuring a more enjoyable customer experience.

Business Benefits

  • Always On: You never know when an internet outage will occur. TallySoft’s retail POS software will keep your business operations running even when the internet goes down, so your bottom line won’t be affected.
  • Always Selling: Grow your business and fulfill additional customer needs with graphical prompts that encourage employees to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Always Smart: Make smarter business decisions and gain deeper visibility into your operations by seamlessly integrating front and back office processes. When reports are pulled from a central location, you can have a better understanding of what your store needs.

Top Features for General Retail POS

Fast: Enjoy a streamlined checkout process and shorter lines with customizable keys that enable one-touch product entry.

Accurate: Manage data in real-time with sophisticated retail POS software features that quickly pull detailed reports and track inventory across selling platforms.  

Secure: Protect yourself and your customers against theft and fraud with reliable PCI-compliant EFT payment processing and reports that enable you to view suspicious activity.

Versatile: No matter what type of store you run, from general merchandise to high-end luxury, TallySales has the flexibility to meet your needs and help you find success in your niche market.

Advanced Inventory Control: Know your business inside and out – gain insight into what’s in stock, what slow-moving items need promotions, and what items need re-ordered.

Customer Relationship Management: Effortlessly keep customer information up-to-date, generate sales reports, and automatically extract customer data when transactions are completed at the POS terminal.

Gift Card and Loyalty Programs: Know who your most loyal customers are, and view trends in loyalty program sign-up so you can offer the best rewards and grow your customer base.

Beyond general retail, verticals using TallySoft POS software to grow their business include:

A Fully Integrated Solution to Help Increase the Customer Experience.

General retail businesses will benefit from TallySales. Contact TallySoft to learn more about what our retail management software can do for your business.

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