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Why POS Systems Are so Important

January 14, 2015

Many pet store owners entered the business because of their love of animals. But with PetSmart, PetCo, and Amazon on the rise, independent retailers are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Thriving with a Point-of-Sale (POS) System
By adopting a point-of-sale (POS) system, pet store retailers can automate their retail transactions and seamlessly integrate everything. POS systems make it possible to record and track customer orders, process credit and debit cards, connect across a network, and manage inventory across various locations. Retailers no longer have to hand write and send purchase orders via fax to vendors, for example.

Did you know Millennials will account for one-third of all retail spending by 2020?

Soon Millennials will make up a massive target market, many of which will be pet owners. Already they are driving certain demands, such as environmentally safe email receipts to save on paper. Millennials also thrive on using technology to make purchases and acquire new information.

First impressions are key

When Millennials walk into a pet store and find iPads and tablets at mobile checkouts, they get the impression that the store is operating with the latest and greatest—including their products and services and employees.

By incorporating the latest technology, retailers show that they’re making an effort to stay with the times. The stores who do not adapt will stand out in a negative way. Millennials will assume that if a retailer isn’t staying current with their technology, what else are they not knowledgable about?

Benefits of a POS System include:

  • Installing a POS system helps ease transactions and streamlines your whole business to save you headaches later.
  • When vendors increase their prices, you can too. Your POS System will help you adapt to changes in margin so you don’t reorder without understanding wholesale prices.
  • You can adjust retail pricing and print new labels when you incorporate a POS system because you’ll know how much you’re making on each product.
  • Rather than operate on instinct, you’ll have real data that tells you which products are not selling, when to reorder and how much (based on historical sales), which customers are the most loyal, and which employee sells the most product.

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