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Tips for Keeping Your Retail Store Safe from Cyberattacks

August 20, 2016

In today’s digital age, cybercrime is one of the leading concerns among business leaders. Retail establishments handle thousands of customers every year, and business owners must be certain that their customers’ data and information is safe—as well as their own. If you aren’t sure how to keep your retail establishment digitally secure at all times, our tips can help.

Don’t Use Bring Your Own Device Policies

Bring Your Own Device is a popular policy in retail and other industries, but it may not be the best for your store. It is all too easy for individual devices to get lost or stolen, especially if those devices contain sensitive data like payroll data or customers’ personal information. Instead of letting employees put this info on their devices, choose one program and one mobile POS system to store the data. Make a distinction between work and personal devices, stressing that no company information should ever be placed on a personal device.

Share Security Information

While personal and other data should always be protected, sharing security information with other retailers can strengthen your cybersecurity. For example, if a retailer next door consistently has problems with malware, ask what might have precipitated it or offer help from your IT department. The more knowledgeable people you have on board, the safer your business will be. When possible, offer training sessions on topics like viruses, current hacking techniques, and cleaning up your computer after a cyberattack.

Assess Your Risks

Before installing a security system or teaching employees about certain cyberattack methods, assess which cyberattacks are most likely to hit your business. You might be vulnerable to malware if your online store uses a large number of ads to facilitate interfacing, for example. You might also be vulnerable to hacking if your passwords are too generic. Let your employees know about the most common risks and how to avoid them, such as changing passwords often and not writing passwords in an easily accessible location.

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