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Tips and Tricks to Upgrade Your Digital Customer Service

August 20, 2017

A modern company can offer a great customer service experience without directly speaking to a customer. The digital world is a powerful medium not only for marketing, but also for customer service. Whether your business engages with customers online or in a physical store, digital customer service tips and tricks can enhance your brand reputation and help you retain valuable customers.

Upgrade Your Digital Customer Service with These Tips

To deliver better experience to all customers, use these tips and tricks to optimize your customer service activities:

  1. Monitor reviews. Some disgruntled customers never reach out to a company about their product/service experiences. Instead, they leave a scathing review online to warn others away. Since many new customers look at online reviews to make purchasing decisions, businesses must monitor review sites including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, the Better Business Bureau, Google, and social media sites.Companies with strong customer service respond to reviews within these sites to engage with customers, resolve issues, and maintain a strong online reputation.
  1. Implement a chat option. Instead of waiting for a customer service representative to pick up, many customers prefer to engage with a brand via an online messaging function. Today, companies can use a blend of AI-driven chat systems and live customer service chats to answer questions, resolve complaints, negotiate terms, and close the deal.Online chat options are cost-effective, offer immediate engagement, and give customer service representatives time to think about and respond thoughtfully to a request. Many customers appreciate that they can multi-task during the conversation and avoid long call wait times.
  1. Go proactive with analytics. Exceptional customer service programs anticipate pain points before they turn into customer service issues. Marketing and sales analytics platforms provide more insights into the customer journey than ever before. Companies that use analytics to recognize trends in customer questions, comments, and complaints can quickly develop solutions. Analytics from chat systems, social media, and POS systems can all provide insights into the customer experience and inform customer service solutions.

While nothing can take the place of a face-to-face customer service interaction, digital customer service activities can effectively supplement traditional activities. Engage with consumers across many channels to create a memorable and satisfactory customer experience for every target demographic.

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