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Three Ecommerce Trends to Boost Your Marketing Strategy in 2017

February 18, 2017

Making New Year’s resolutions may be something you avoid as an individual, but when you position them as “goals” they become a critical part of company growth. The beginning of 2017 is the perfect time to revamp outdated marketing strategies and see what is trending in ecommerce.

Using the same old marketing strategies, ecommerce website designs, and data analytics will not get you the results you want anymore. In 2017, consider the following ecommerce trends for improving mobile user security, streamlining payment systems, and taking advantage of virtual and augmented reality applications.

Mobile is BIG!

Mobile usage will continue to grow through 2017 and beyond. Many people are even ditching their desktop entirely. There are two things to concentrate on to reach this audience – security (yours and theirs) and adding features they’ll love. Mobile payments and loyalty apps are favorable and can boost sales tremendously.

Payment Options

Speaking of mobile payments, anything that makes paying easier is important. Online shopping is on the rise and 51% prefer to shop that way. Shoppers use various devices, so it’s critical to have a seamless shopping experience across all devices. The more payment options offered, the less chance of losing a customer. Update old systems with retail, tablet, and mobile point of sale systems designed for today’s customers. People are gravitating toward using devices to make payment, so businesses will lose sales if the system doesn’t work with smartphones and other devices.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications

Big retailers are on the cusp of adopting virtual reality. Those that jump on this early will be able to capture the attention of an audience that wants to beef up their shopping experience.

Another explosive application is chatbots. Using chatbots to personalize your customers’ experience is a win-win. Customers find what they’re looking for faster and you get a better handle on what they want. Ecommerce personalization is essential for building customer loyalty and turning browsers into buyers.

Bottom Line – Make it Fast and Entertaining

Modern consumers want everything to be fast and entertaining. They rely on technology more than ever and expect instant gratification. They won’t spend more than a few moments on a website that doesn’t meet those needs. The more you can “wow” them, the better. Attract more customers by showing them how you can make their lives better. Embrace new technologies and deliver everything your customers expect, plus a little something extra to really reap the rewards.

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