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The Past, Present and Future of POS Systems

July 26, 2019

old historic cash register to show the concept of POS systems evolving over time

POS systems have come quite a long way since the first “arithrometer.” Long gone are the days when POS systems were simply a way to complete sales transactions with the customer. Now, these intelligent systems do everything from tracking customer info and back end inventory to managing customer relationships. Read on to learn the evolution of POS systems from the first calculator to modern day POS terminals, and what the future may hold

Humble Origins

The first “POS system” was a type of mechanical calculator invented in 1623. From there, the calculator grew to do bigger and better things. From this, the arithrometer became the first commercial calculator in the late 1800s. The arithrometer used a series of buttons and sliders to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and even find roots of numbers. Improvements to the functionality of these early POS systems continued to advance their abilities until the first “incorruptible” cash register was put to use in 1883. Over time, mathematicians and engineers developed more security features and complex computing capabilities.

Advancing Technology

By the late 1900s, POS systems became a central hub for sales control. The first touch-screen POS’s were invented in the late 1980s and gave business owners the ability to track sales, print receipts, input inventory data, scan credit cards, and more. Since then, advancing technology continued to add improvements to these systems, turning them into a powerhouse for managing the front end of a business.

Next-Gen Point of Sale Terminals

Now, business owners manage the front end of sales at the POS terminal, but they also manage back end operations. With integrated systems like inventory management and CRM functionality, POS systems allow modern day businesses full control. Sales, marketing, inventory tracking, accounting, and customer information can all be accessed and analyzed with customized reports.

Mobile POS systems revolutionized the meaning of control and allow employees to take these features anywhere. EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) capability is built into the latest versions of POS systems and provides advanced security measures for card scanning. Looking towards the future, business owners will see scalable, easy-to-use, and secure systems that give full control over business operations remotely and at the terminal.

Technology evolves over time to fit the every-changing needs of today’s consumers. Luckily, POS systems today are fast, intuitive, and packed with every feature and functionality that you could think of. For retail owners looking for an updated POS system that will fit their unique wants and needs, contact TallySoft today and get the conversation started.

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