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The Benefits of Mobile POS Systems for Growing Your Business

July 7, 2016

When most people think of point of sale or POS systems, they think of a brick-and-mortar store and ringing up sales via cash register. While traditional POS systems are still being used, mobile is becoming more popular. Mobile POS systems enable transactions on the go. They offer numerous benefits to businesses, including the opportunity for you and your sales team to make sales anywhere.

However, this is only one of the benefits a mobile POS system can offer your business. If you haven’t made the switch to a mobile system yet, read on to learn how a mobile system can take your business from a locally known entity to one that gets statewide, regional, or even national attention.

Accepting Payments and Getting Paid

The ability to accept payments on the go is often considered the chief benefit of a mobile POS system. This is especially important for businesses that are inherently mobile, such as some insurance companies or repair services that travel from location to location during the workday. With a mobile POS system, people who work in these industries don’t have to stop what they’re doing to organize their money or figure out what their earnings per workday or pay period will be. They can enter the information directly into a tablet or other mobile device, go to the next job, and figure total earnings at the end of the day when they can focus more clearly.

Mobile POS systems also make it easier for customers to quickly and securely make transactions. Millions of people pay their bills and do other banking functions online every day. While most of these transactions go smoothly, hacking and viruses can be a problem—especially if the bank relies on traditional POS systems. With a mobile POS system, a service provider can stay on top of new cyber threats in real time and alert customers as soon as they happen. Mobile POS systems also decrease the likelihood of payments being lost or miscalculated.

Ease of Combining B&M and E-commerce

An increasing number of business owners are combining their online stores with brick-and-mortar establishments, and vice versa. This lets them reach a larger customer base, sell more products and services, and increase their revenue. A mobile POS system makes it easy for business owners and customers to keep track of how a company is doing. An entrepreneur can use a mobile POS system to check payroll at any time. A customer can use it to track purchases, the release of new products, and price changes for items purchased often.

Ease of Implementation

Although we become more dependent on technology every day, some business owners are still wary of new innovations, like mobile POS systems. They may think a mobile POS is too expensive or difficult to install. In reality, it’s usually low-cost and easy to implement. If you have never set up a POS system, there are plenty of experts available (face-to-face and online) to help you. Additionally, once the mobile system is implemented, your transaction volume will likely increase because you can now reach people who use many mobile devices and online channels to shop.

Customer Engagement

Finally, mobile POS systems allow you to engage with customers in real time and get to know them on a personal level, which helps you offer the products and services they want most. Many people don’t put “personal” in the same thought with “mobile” or “technology,” but a mobile system will work wonders for your customer engagement. For example, a mobile system can let you chat with customers at any time on social media, learning what they like about your business and hearing their suggestions. A mobile system also lets your customers ask questions as they arise rather than waiting for a convenient time to come to a B&M store or chat with an online representative on a specific site.

If you’d like to implement a mobile POS system or learn more, contact us for more information.

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