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Start a Blog to Build Customer Engagement

July 4, 2017

At the core of any online marketing strategy is an optimized website and blog. A blog gives businesses an opportunity to target consumers at every stage of the customer journey. Without a blog, brands can miss out on valuable engagement opportunities.

Why Start a Blog?

A blog is more than an opportunity to reword site content. It gives companies a way to demonstrate value to a potential customer, share culture, and build thought leadership in any industry. As a marketing tactic, optimized blogs can increase search visibility, build brand awareness, nurture leads, and even close the deal.

Blogs are some of the only digital spaces that give a company complete control of the content message and style. Businesses can customize a blog in any number of ways to reflect brand personality and help consumers, from “how-to” articles to year-end industry predictions.

With the right calls-to-action interspersed throughout the material, blogs serve as a valuable engagement tool. Direct a reader to check out another article, share the content on social media, or contact a team member to keep the individual engaged with the brand in some way. The more time a person spends focused on branded content, the greater your chances are of securing a sale.

Start Blogging Today

If your business has a website, you can start a blog today and begin interacting with customers in new and exciting ways. To get started, use these tips for creating an ROI-driving blog strategy:

  • Develop a marketing persona. Think like your ideal customer. Use information such as age, education level, business type, and industry to focus content on value-added information your ideal customer will want to read.
  • Diversify content. In addition to promoting products and services, broaden the blog’s scope to entertain, share company culture, and inform.
  • Post regularly. Post weekly or biweekly and share content to social media sites to encourage content interaction.

A blog is a free and easy way to share your brand with a target market and drive engagement. Consider a blog as a must-have marketing tool your business can use to add value to the customer relationship, expand reach, and boost in-store sales.

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