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Protecting Your POS System From Viruses and Hacking

March 4, 2016

Employers rely on point of sale systems to keep customer data current and streamline business operations. Cybersecurity poses a compelling threat for store owners, and all entrepreneurs should take extra precautions to protect their data. Safeguard your POS system from viruses and hacking with the following best practices.

Update Your Systems Frequently

Your POS system might update automatically; if it doesn’t, don’t put it off. Updates strengthen security and address weaknesses in the software. Install the latest patches to protect your essential information.

Change Passwords Frequently

POS systems often come with a default password retailers neglect to change. This oversight can be costly. Default passwords aren’t secure, making it easy for hackers to access your sensitive data. Choose a computer-generated password, and change it often for maximum security.

Install Anti-Virus Software

No POS system is complete without comprehensive anti-virus protection. Installing firewalls and anti-virus software can help keep your data secure. These won’t completely protect your system from hackers, but they’re an essential part of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. As with the rest of your system, update this software whenever needed.

Restrict Internet Access

Use separate POS terminals that don’t have access to the internet. Restricting internet access protects your store’s systems from online viruses and malware. It only takes one employee click on a malware-infected site to spell disastrous consequences for your business.

When taken together, these elements create a proactive cybersecurity plan. They don’t guarantee safety from a cyber attack, but they make successful hacking attempts far less likely. When implementing these initiatives, talk to your employees about appropriate computer use and POS protection.

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