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Mastering Mobile Retail in 2017

March 7, 2017

More than half of today’s consumers admit they prefer shopping online to going to a store. Even those who go to a retail location often research products on their mobile device either before or during their shopping. Mobile retail has now surpassed desktop shopping, but shoppers may not complete the sale because they are hesitant to make the purchases via mobile. Here are a few tips for retailers that want to capture more mobile retail in 2017.

Improve Consumer Data Security

A company that makes the news for losing sensitive consumer data has experienced the kiss of death. Data security is vital and must be taken seriously. Some of the most common reasons why mobile users may not convert to sales involve concern over the privacy and security of their data. Develop strategies that will put them at ease or nudge them to purchase from their desktop later. For example, powerful mobile point of sale systems help protect customer data.

Don’t be a Nag

Pushy calls-to-action (CTAs) do not work for increasing sales. In fact, they have the opposite effect. Shoppers focus on how your product or service will fulfill a need. Nobody clicks “buy” because they just want the nagging to stop. They are more likely to leave the website instead.


Memberships can be advantageous or a disaster depending on how they are utilized. This is particularly true when they are fee-based. The important thing is letting the consumer know the benefits of membership. Otherwise, all they’ll see is a commitment and may try to avoid it at all costs.

Also, be upfront about membership fees. Having a note in the shopping cart saying they’ll be charged at renewal time is not the first place they should be finding out. They may have taken a great deal of time selecting products and they’ll be angry enough to leave and never return, even if the fee is reasonable.

Unique Experience

Cookie cutter shopping sites may be cost effective to set up but may cost more in the long run. If your website is the same as your competitors’, for example, your customer may get confused and end up on their site, thinking they are shopping with you. Personalization is important to differentiate yourself.

Personalization is also important for creating a unique experience for shoppers. Customers love feeling like they are dealing with a real person that practically reads their mind and knows what they want. Powerful predictive tools will make customers feel at home. Focus on accuracy, because nobody wants irrelevant items to pop up in a search.


In order to master mobile retail sales in 2017 you must understand your target audience’s shopping expectations. They want a unique experience that feels comfortable and safe, without being overbearing. Customer service – online and onsite – will always be an important part of increasing market share.


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