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Leveraging Logistics: Determining POS Locations in Your Store

February 10, 2016

Fostering a strong relationship with a customer starts with the shopping experience. Long lines and slow checkouts can deter customers from entering your store. Choosing the correct point-of-sale (POS) system can help to promote sales, but it isn’t the only factor to consider. Determining the location of your POS stations may help decrease transaction turnover time and increase customer satisfaction.

POS Locations

POS station logistics can vary depending on the industry and customer research. Some industries, such as jewelers, have a point of sale station that inhibits theft. Considering your business’ attributes can help you determine the station that is perfect for you.

Front of Store – Traditional POS locations are at the front of the store. Go into most grocery or big-box stores and you’ll notice checkout counters immediately next to the doors. These systems center on the idea of allowing customers to flow through lines directly to the exit. These stations work well in industries where customers are consistently checking out many items. Efficiently trained employees keep customers flowing through the checkout lines.

Mobile – Being able to perform a transaction anywhere in the store is ideal for businesses that sell high-dollar items. For the most part, customers aren’t going to purchase more than a few pieces at a time. Employees can scan the items and perform the transactions without having to go to the front of the store. Customers can get in and out quickly and avoid long lines.

Diverse Locations – Some stores separate point of sale locations into areas. For example, department stores typically have checkout areas in various parts of the store. Employees can become familiar with their particular areas and customers can simply walk to a different department if a line is too long at a particular station.

Your industry and customer base can help you determine what type of POS stations or combination of stations will be best for your business.

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