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Leverage POS Fails in Post-Holiday VAR Customer Acquisition Strategy

January 2, 2019

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It’s no secret that the holidays are a crazy time for retailers, and this year was no exception. As a value-added reseller (VAR), the new year is the perfect time to revisit your customer acquisition strategy and put an emphasis on targeting retailers that may have struggled during the busy holiday season.

Here are four problems retailers may have encountered between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day and how the right POS system can solve them — which can demonstrate that it’s time for a POS system upgrade in 2019.

Problem: “I’m sorry, but we’re sold out”

Solution: Precise Inventory Management

The proper inventory management system can make or break a business. When retailers have multiple locations, an online store, an e-commerce app, numerous warehouses, etc., how are they keeping track of inventory? Your customer acquisition strategy should include asking merchants that question, and, using the performance of their current POS system to demonstrate why not having  precise inventory management software could be costing them business.

Maintaining 100% inventory accuracy on all available channels is key for retailers to avoid stock outs or excess inventory. Show merchants that your POS systems not only give them complete visibility into their inventory, but also allow them to identify slow-moving items to consider for special promotions or products that were particularly good sellers during the holidays.

Problem: “Can you show me how to ring a return again?”

Solution: Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Since the holidays bring large crowds, most retailers hire seasonal employees to help with the increased workload. In a 2018 Retail Touch Points survey, 50% of respondents said that employee training is their biggest challenge. Knowing this, you can use the fact that your POS systems are easy to learn and use as a part of your customer acquisition strategy.

Talking to merchants about the perks of a user-friendly system, especially when it comes to training new employees quicker — and paying less for the labor to do it — is sure to catch their attention. If new staff members can get to work faster, the burden on managers is lessened and the new associates can focus on delivering excellent customer service, rather than learning a complicated POS system.

Problem: “I’m sorry, our system is slow today.”

Solution: Keep up the Pace

Old point of sale systems can be slow and unreliable. This is an inefficient way for retailers to do business, especially around the holiday season. Part of your customer acquisition strategy in 2019 can be assessing a prospect’s current POS system and discussing the detrimental consequences that can come with technology downtime.

Highlight your POS solution features that combat wasted time– like being able to operate even if the network connection is lost. Also point out how simple it is to change product prices quickly and easily, and showcase mPOS solutions that provide line busting capabilities. All of these options ensure timeliness, productivity, and overall positive customer experiences.

Problem: “I have no idea if my holiday promotions worked.”

Solution: Data, Data, Data

A retailer’s POS should accurately track all sales, customer and business data, and enable the retailer to pull easy-to-understand and actionable reports.  A part of your customer acquisition strategy can include stressing the importance of data-based decisions in today’s competitive retail landscape. Demonstrate how your POS solutions track data and generate reports to help determine which promotions worked and which ones should be left in 2018. Additionally, the right POS system should also track and manage loyalty and rewards programs and allow the retailer to use that data to target promotions.

According to Google, roughly 30% of shoppers have shopped with a retailer during the holidays that they haven’t purchased from before. With all of these new customers, retailers need to ensure that they’re constantly collecting data from every purchase so that they can turn holiday guests into loyal lifetime customers.


One of the best selling tools at your disposal may be a retailer’s current POS system. Using the challenges retailers faced during the holiday rush to start conversations about what your POS systems can do, will help you stand out from the competition and demonstrate the value you can provide to potential customers. Plan for a customer acquisition strategy in 2019 that will get results. For more information on how you can partner with TallySoft to deliver what your retail clients need, click here.

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