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Is Your E-Commerce Site Mobile? It Should Be

January 20, 2017

More people than ever own smartphones, and more people are shopping with them. In fact, for the first time in history, more people rely on mobile devices than laptop and desktop computers. The entire retail environment is changing. To be successful, you must be properly prepared.

The Mobile Movement

Today’s phones are more powerful than ever. We have the entire internet at our fingertips, and this mobile power makes shoppers more discerning. Customers often research products on mobile devices before buying them in physical stores. In many cases, customers compare prices with sites like Amazon in a few seconds. Unfortunately, this makes it much harder to close a sale.

The best way to counteract this trend is by creating a more effective mobile presence. When your website is fully optimized, customers are more likely to finish the purchase with you than with another store. In fact, studies show that 72 percent of customers are more likely to revisit websites if they’re mobile friendly. The same data also proved that shoppers were more than 66 percent likely to buy at mobile friendly sites.

The Reasons You Need Mobile

Aside from the obvious, there are many reasons why every company should optimize its site for a mobile experience. The first and arguably most important? It’s what your customers want and expect. As we discussed, mobile capabilities are a deal breaker for some shoppers. If you don’t offer the experience that they want, they’ll simply take their business elsewhere. This is especially worrying because it’s much harder to earn new customers.

Another big reason why mobile is crucial? Google could penalize you for not having a mobile-optimized site. Every company wants to climb the top of Google searches. As it turns out, mobile capability is now a part of that algorithm. They know that users want a mobile page, so they’re more likely to show them that sort of relevant result.

And finally, you’ll simply lose business without a mobile site. Perhaps your sales are fine now, but as we become more dependent on technology and more used to the convenience of shopping on the go, it’s only going to become more serious. Each lost costumer adds up. Staying in the technological past is a costly mistake. If you want to rise to the top, you need streamlined mobile capability.

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