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How to Use User Data to Boost Ecommerce

December 10, 2016

User data is essential to improving your ecommerce site. It not only tells you how many people visit and buy from you online, but also how many shopping carts are abandoned, which pages draw customer attention, and other metrics that you can use to increase business. To see the actual benefits, however, you must know how to use it.

Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology is making incredible strides, and these two terms are prime examples. Big data collects substantial quantities of information and analyzes them to create critical patterns. IoT refers to devices that connect to one another and applications that operate somewhat autonomously. Business owners can track buying patterns and adjust the way their companies automatically respond, making ecommerce stores more efficient than ever before.

Data Management Platforms

A quality database is crucial for your online store. Data management platforms (DMPs), is software that collects information from social networks, client campaigns, email listings, and displays this information in a way that is useful for determining your marketing campaigns. DMPs help paint a picture of the demographic backgrounds of the customer base. This kind of inside information allows you to create more effective ads and web pages to appeal to most shoppers.

Programmatic Campaigns

A huge issue for ecommerce businesses is closing the sale. A considerable portion of viewers don’t complete the purchase. Programmatic campaigns automatically reach out to those browsing individuals with real-time emails and offers based on the products they viewed or placed in their carts. This tactic can increase the chance of selling to those customers by as much as 70 percent.

Acquire Traffic

The right programs and tactics can help you boost sales and website traffic. Personalized emails, for example, are much more effective than standard ones. It’s easy to craft template emails and combine them with data analysis to show the most relevant options to viewers.

When customers feel valued, they’re more likely to return and make a purchase. By creating a truly customized ecommerce presence with specific information from user data, you can generate web interest and connect with customers.


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