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How to Use Imagery to Build Your Brand

July 10, 2017

People can process imagery in a fraction of a second, making it an important part of digital marketing. An image can instantaneously capture a site visitor’s attention, evoke a feeling, and build brand associations. Businesses that want to stick out in the minds of consumers emphasize the power of imagery across all content types.

Imagery and Branding

Brands include all the recognizable images, phrases, and labels businesses use to reach a target market. Imagery and short phrases (taglines) often build some of the most powerful and well-known brands across the world. Think about Coca-Cola: the red and white label is recognizable anywhere. Starbucks, Target, and Red Bull are just a few other brands that use logos, color combinations, and non-stock imagery to stand out in the minds of consumers.

Every business needs a consistent brand to differentiate itself from the competition and gain visibility in the marketplace. With the right imagery, consumers will learn to associate certain colors, fonts, and graphics with a particular company name and a message.

Optimizing Imagery for Better Branding

In the world of visual branding, consistency is key. Companies that frequently change branding guidelines often get lost in a sea of competition. Today, entire games focus on brand association. Consumers can download an app or purchase a board game made up entirely of guessing company logos. If you ever played one of these games, you may surprise yourself and know some brands without a memory of ever seeing them.

In addition to consistency, imagery needs to feel intuitive. Simple logos, clear photographs, and a strategic selection of images help consumers remain focused on the brand message rather than the individual, disconnected images. For example, using a familiar brand color to frame product images can help a consumer remember where he or she saw them – a crucial part of the customer journey.

Every digital and offline marketing campaign can use imagery to strengthen brand associations and drive customer engagement. Colors, fonts, logos, lines, and graphics all play a role in audience perception, memory, and interaction. To optimize imagery and build a better brand, create a set of clear, consistent, and intuitive branding guidelines to use in every marketing activity.

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