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How to Train Your Staff to Keep Your Business Secure

July 20, 2017

Security is important for businesses of every size, and online and onsite security go hand-in-hand. According to an IBM report from 2016, employees were responsible for 60% of attacks – either purposefully or accidentally. Since employees represent the biggest risk, companies that focus on employee training can significantly reduce the likelihood of an online security breach or an in-store threat.

Training Staff for Business Security

Brick-and-mortar businesses face a number of reputation- and sales-damaging threats. Shoplifting, robbery, employee skimming, and cyber hacks are just a few of the security dangers shop owners must proactively address. To keep a business safe and secure on all fronts, consider these employee-focused tips:

  • Vet all employees. Any employee who has access to a POS, deposit box, or the internet represents a potential threat. While many employees will not maliciously attack an employer, some may. Background checks, online reputation checks, and reference checks can all reveal red flags in new hires.
  • Conduct cybersecurity trainings. All employees with computer access need a basic understanding of password best practices, customer data protection, and common warning signs of a virus, phishing scam, or attack. Give staff members the information they need to proactively avoid and recognize cyber threats.
  • Practice disaster recovery plans. Does your team know what to do in the event of a cyber-attack, robbery, or shoplifting incident? Run through disaster recovery drills to ensure all staff members respond appropriately in the event of an unexpected crisis. Staff responsivity can reduce the impact of a threat on the business.
  • Follow strict open/close practices. Many criminals target businesses when they are most vulnerable – commonly during opening and closing hours with few staff members. Create protocols for employee travel to and from vehicles, lock-up procedures, and alarm system settings. When employees develop good open and close habits, businesses can avoid crimes of convenience.

When employees know what to do, they respond faster and more appropriately to any security threat a business faces. In addition to comprehensive and routine trainings, businesses can enhance security with strong computer management practices, secure software investments, and onsite security measures such as fencing, alarm systems, and cameras. Invest in a strong security strategy today to avoid paying for security threats in the future.

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