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How to Provide a Personal Experience in a Digital Age

September 20, 2017

In the age of chatbots and automation, it can be easy to forget that your customers still crave personal interactions. Technology is an incredible business asset, but don’t let it completely take over your brand. Consumers want to feel important, valued, and heard. The best way to accomplish this is by providing personal experiences online and in person. You can become your customers’ top choice by focusing on customer service, individualization, and one-on-one care in the digital age.

Integrate Social Media

Social media is the perfect example of a digital trend that has managed to bring people closer together, not further apart. Take advantage of this trend by mastering your brand’s social media marketing. Use your social accounts to bring a human quality to your company. Post photos, use trending hashtags, and respond to customer tweets and comments as much as possible. Social media is a great way to show off your brand’s personality.

Track Customer Data

The amount of information you can gather about your customers has reached unprecedented levels in the modern age. Use this data to get to know your client base. Take polls and surveys, ask the right questions, and track data as much as possible. You can then identify trends, make accurate predictions, and craft campaigns that will be poignant to your target audiences. Use your bots to track data, but rely on your human employees to act on the information.

Use Remarketing Tactics

Remarketing is an easy way for your company to reach out to customers on a personal level. Remarketing uses cookies to track visitor behavior while on your website, then creates ad campaigns based on the individual user, which he or she will see while on other sites. Remarketing may be an autonomous process, but it feels anything but mechanical to buyers. Seeing items they were actually interested in purchasing while on your site can make them feel like your brand was paying attention.

The Takeaway

Customer service will never be old news, because personalization isn’t a passing trend. Even the most tech-savvy customers see the value in individualized services. Focus your energy on building real relationships with your customers, and they will reward you with unflagging brand loyalty in the digital age.


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