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How to Leverage Mobile Technology to Boost Sales

October 20, 2016

Sales are vital. Marketing is important. The most successful businesses know how to marry the two. In this digital age, mobile technology is one of the best ways to appeal to consumers and to boost sales. Several strategies can help you stand out from competitors and offer your customers an immersive mobile experience:

  • Make your website mobile friendly. More than ever, people are using smartphones over laptops for their internet dealings. If you don’t support smartphone browsers, you could be missing out on countless visits every day. This is especially important if consumers are searching for information about your location, hours, weekly ads, and in-store coupons.
  • Take advantage of text alerts and reminders. People rely on their phones to remind them of nearly everything. Having an automated system for reminders means you can contact your customers any time in a way that they’re comfortable with. Plus, you don’t have to use resources making calls or sending snail mail. Your employees can dedicate more time and productivity to other areas of your enterprise.
  • Survey your customers with SMS. Polls are another way that companies take advantage of text messaging. The phenomenon is not new—it has been used by shows like American Idol for several years. Now, it’s crossing over to the business sector. You can use text messages to survey your customers for important information about products, services, trends, likes and dislikes, and much more.
  • Take advantage of mobile commerce. 60% of consumers use their phones to make purchases. Near field communications allow shoppers to wave their phone over your device to check out. This technology isn’t used everywhere yet, but it’s an added convenience to customers and shows that you’re (technologically) ahead of the competition.
  • Offer a mobile application. Building your own app can provide useful data and features to your shoppers. An app provides a greater sense of security and gives you access to more data about the way consumers react to your products and services. Apps aren’t for everyone, of course, but you may be surprised by how many people favor them over traditional web interaction.
  • Send coupons to customer phones. Whether it’s text, email, or applications, mobile devices are a fantastic platform for specials. Customers will be happy to receive your offer and may make a special trip to your store (or online) just to use it. Digital coupons save printing and mailing costs too. Likewise, SMS deals can give shoppers an instant reward. For example, texting RETAIL to 555555 could score them a 50% off coupon while in-store (or online).
  • Share QR codes. These small squares of information can have a huge impact on your consumers. When scanned, QR codes link to anything you want. You can send viewers to your website, show them a video on how to use a product, or take them directly to your Facebook page. The possibilities are endless.
  • Use mobile search and location based services. If someone isn’t familiar with your town, chances are they’re going to use Google Maps or a similar map app to look for businesses. Using applications like Google Places allows you to provide important information to your potential customers, such as your hours of operation. You can also use LBS rewards and offer special incentives to individuals who “Check-in” at your store.

There’s no denying that mobile technology has forever changed the way we shop. Learning to adapt to the digital age can be a bit intimidating, but there are countless benefits when you do so. Take advantage of these unique ways to implement technology and see how mobile capabilities can boost your sales.

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