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How Digital Signage Is Making Waves in the Retail World

December 5, 2016

When you think of advertisements, what do you picture? Billboards? Magazines? In the modern day, the most competitive and effective platform for brand and product promotion is digital signage. It was isolated to television twenty years ago, but now it’s taken the marketing world by storm.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital advertisements don’t require any printing. Videos, commercials, gifs, and emails—they’re all digital signage. If you’re seeing it on a screen, then it falls into the category. More and more companies are utilizing this tactic because of the benefits it presents, such as grabbing the attention of viewers and engaging them at a much higher level.

This type of marketing works by broadcasting videos and images over the internet, accessible from anywhere and at anytime. Take Times Square. Decades ago, it was simply a collection of billboards. Now, businesses pay millions of dollars per year just for a screen in the area.

Why Companies Love Digital Advertisements

Companies are investing in digital advertisements for three reasons:

  • Long-term savings. The upfront expenditure can be a bit more than traditional methods. Long-term costs, however, can’t even compare. There are no costs for changing the advertisement. Regular advertisements have to be printed again and again. Paper and ink can become quite costly.
  • Turn around time. Digital signage is much faster too. Hardcopy billboards have to be printed, distributed, and installed before consumers see them. Digital advertisements can be changed any time and instantaneously. This is especially useful under time-sensitive circumstances like sports team victories.
  • Audience reach. Digital marketing makes it easier to reach your target audience. Facebook ad campaigns allow businesses to select who they want to see their promotion. People are filtered by factors like age and interest for the most relevant results.

Digital signage is here to stay. When you’re making a marketing plan, consider how adjusting your information for this digital world can deliver better performance than ever before.

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