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Here's Why Your Brick and Mortar Store Needs an E-Commerce Sister

November 15, 2015

If you’re solely a brick-and-mortar retailer, it’s time to consider opening an e-commerce store. There will always be an intrinsic value in traditional, physical store locations, but adding an online store opens the door to new possibilities. Thanks to modern technologies, POS systems allow business owners to easily manage an online store with e-commerce integration. These systems track inventory, manage customer relationships, and even run a website, all from one terminal. See how easy it is for you to open an online store and how you can expect to benefit.

Why Consider an Online Store?

Business is booming, and you place value in building relationships with your customers face-to-face. So why even consider expanding to the cold indifference of the internet?

  • The internet is anything but indifferent. Shopping is social online, and you have the potential to reach a larger audience. One only needs to type a shopping term into Pinterest to see how social the shopping experience can be.
  • Your customers are already online. If you’re holding back to preserve the customer service experience, think again. What your customers can’t find in your store, they can find on your competitor’s websites. In fact, a 2013 study found that 79% of shoppers thought that e-commerce stores were the single most valuable resource for holiday shopping.
  • It improves the customer service experience. In addition to fielding phone calls or helping people in-store, an e-commerce site can help with frequently-asked questions. Some retailers even offer a live-chat option, so customers can get answers to their questions in real-time, without ever having to pick up a phone.

What Can I Expect from Opening an Online Store?

With the explosion of digital marketing and the social media revolution, there has never been a better time to take the plunge into e-commerce. Here are a few of the perks:

Increased Exposure

Adding an online store allows you to reach customers all over the world. Especially if you are in a niche market, expanding to an online store can seriously bolster sales. Etsy, an online marketplace, is proof that people are willing to buy just about anything online.

As well as reaching customers all over the world, adding an online component to your business only attracts more attention to your physical location. Even a gesture as simple as having a store locator on your website will help your exposure, since an estimated 70% of shoppers use the store locator on their phones to find their way when they are out shopping.

It Increases Your Profits

It is common sense math that increasing your exposure increases your profits. For example, online stores let you reach customers all over the world, garner more attention for your physical store, and of course, increase profit.  Opening an online store also gives you the opportunity to take a good, hard look at what is working at your physical location and what’s not. If you have an item in your shop that consistently sells well in-store, double down on that effort, and try selling some of your less popular items online. When you’re catering to a larger demographic, you may find that some of your less popular items are flying off of your store shelves.

Getting Started

If you’re worried about juggling a brick-and-mortar store with an online domain, there is a POS system for that. Jumping into e-commerce is easier than ever with point-of-sale systems that can track your inventory and even help you run your website. You can add pictures, links, content, and product categories using POS software. Sophisticated systems even help you integrate shipping options to ensure your customers’ deliveries get to them safely and on time.

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