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Does My Store Need to Support Apple Pay?

February 20, 2016

Technology is motivating change to something we have historically carried in our back pockets and purses – our wallets. Mobile wallets that allow you to pay via your phone have been on the rise, and businesses are racing to keep up with the new technology.

Apple Pay is one of the largest digital wallets; it allows consumers to link payment methods to their phones and use them for transactions. But what does it mean for your store?

How Does Apple Pay Work for Retailers?

Most retailers can implement Apple Pay. You have to have a contactless payment-capable terminal and a relationship with approved payment service providers. Apple Pay is free; the company doesn’t charge any additional fees once it is implemented. You can display the Apple Pay mark at the point-of-sale terminal to alert customers that they can use Apple Pay.

While employees should be trained to use Apple Pay, it works like a traditional debit or credit card; customers may have to sign receipts and employees can process returns in the same way. Apple Pay does provide heightened security around payment, compared to paying with a card. Customers can keep card information hidden during the transaction process, card numbers aren’t stored in the retailer’s system and they can see their recent transactions on their phones.

Keeping up with technology is important for businesses. With free setup and the simplicity of a credit card, Apple Pay is an easy way to keep up with the digital world.

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