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Are You Using These Integrated Reports to Promote Sales?

January 20, 2016

In the age of technology, communication with customers is essential and expected. Companies have Twitter feeds, they make YouTube videos, and they promote their image through constant marketing campaigns. Stakeholders want to feel a connection to more than a faceless corporation.

When the topic of sales promotion comes up, brand-based marketing and social media come to mind, but keeping customers in the loop about the inner workings of a business can also drive sales. Integrated reporting communications introduce customers to a company’s social values so they may feel more of an emotional connection to a company.

3 Reports Can Drive Sales  

By linking various streams of information, companies can offer customers more than just advertising. You can use these reports to connect with customers and promote sales.

  1. Organizational Integration Reporting – Showcasing your organization’s makeup from supplier to end user shows a level of transparency that consumers gravitate toward. If you put your entire organizational makeup front and center, your customers will know exactly where their products or services are coming from.
  1. Issue Integration Report – Companies can use this type of report to display issues that they find important. Environmental stewardship is a pervasive concern, and companies that display a conservation policy can connect on a deeper level with customers. Being associated with matters that align with your consumers’ values may make them feel partial to your company.
  1. Financial and Nonfinancial Report – Financial reporting explains the bottom line, but integrating nonfinancial information into a financial report can develop trust. Explain how financial information relates to the company’s organizational makeup or its environmental issues, and consumers can see how the money they spend with your company is being used.

Developing trust and understanding with customers is imperative. Putting your information on the line can develop an emotional connection with customers and drive sales.

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