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A New Age of Customer Experience

May 2, 2017

In the age of rapid technological evolution, it’s more important than ever to look toward the future. Customer experience continues to be at the heart of retail, but has changed dramatically in recent years. Understanding the evolving needs of today’s customers, including more relevant content and smart tech integration, is key. Investing in proper data recording systems to track and analyze customer experience data for operation optimization is critical.

It would be tedious to analyze all that happens in your business each day, yet that information is extremely telling when it comes to knowing what your customers need. If you want to improve customer experience and satisfaction in the future, you need to know the effectiveness of the actions you take today. There is no way to extrapolate usable information without the use of proper data recording systems.

Predictive vs Historical Data

It is not enough to look at historical data. Customer expectations are constantly changing, so predictive big data is essential for understanding those evolving needs. Predictive data provides a more accurate forecast for decision making. This is not to say historical data is worthless. It is still an early indicator the old methods are not working.

What Useful Information Can the Data Reveal?

Nearly every business decision is reached with more confidence and less of that “gut feeling” that can so often go wrong. The data shows buying patterns and predicts them, aiding in purchasing and inventory decisions. It shows the effectiveness of pricing campaigns. The data offers insight into merchandising effectiveness. It helps you devise effective email campaigns. The list goes on and on.

By learning who your customers are, where they come from, and what they want, you’ll be in a better position to meet their expectations and improve their shopping experience.

How Can You Benefit?

Of course, better decision making means more profits, but keep in mind why that is the case. By focusing on customer experience, you are strengthening your marketing efforts. Not only will customers respond favorably through loyalty, but they are more likely to share their experience with others. Also, once you learn how they share, you can reward them to encourage them to continue doing so. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth or social media.


Keeping up with customer experience is an evolving process that requires ongoing and consistent diligence. What works one day is not likely to work forever. Today your customers want one thing, tomorrow it may be something entirely different. Proper data recording systems that provide the reports you require will enable adjusting as needed. With pre-built reports and the ability for customized analysis, you will have a firm grip on the future for all decision-making tasks. You’ll still get to listen to your instincts, but you’ll now have the data to support them.

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