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5 Benefits of Automation Software for E-Commerce Businesses

July 26, 2019

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E-Commerce business owners juggle a lot. From managing sales and marketing to monitoring accounting and inventory- the work never ends. Fully integrated systems let business owners automate their sales and marketing info, so when customers visit their page or make a purchase, the information is automatically retrieved, cataloged, and analyzed. Back end software allows for automatic inventory tracking with data fed from a front-end sale. Learn the benefits of automation software for e-commerce businesses and how this software is changing the industry.

In the Warehouse

E-commerce sites usually rely on a large warehouse inventory, which can be hard to maintain the proper inventory management techniques. Automation software runs off of each product’s unique SKU number to easily track inventory flow. This is especially helpful to large e-commerce businesses and those with a physical retail location. If an item listed online is bought in-store, the automation software recognizes the sale and removes the item’s SKU from the online inventory. Business owners no longer have to manually update stock, and they don’t risk “selling” an item online that is out-of-stock in the warehouse.

Order Fulfillment

Generally, order fulfillment is a multi-step and time-consuming process; however, automation systems significantly streamline the process. For example, when an item is purchased, the system automatically creates a picking ticket, which pickers can use to match the product SKU. Not only does this cut down on your order fulfillment costs, but it also cuts down on the time customers have to wait for their order to be prepared and shipped. Faster shipping equals happy customers, and happy customers are what every e-commerce site desires.

More Targeted Marketing

E-commerce automation systems don’t just track your inventory; they also track your sales and manage customer relations. When a customer visits your site, explores a particular product, buys an item, or signs up for a promotion, your automation system collects and analyzes that data. In this way, your sales and marketing teams can build targeted campaigns and customized promotional offers.

Promotional offers can be automated too. For example, the system can be set to automatically trigger certain actions when a customer behaves in a certain way. If your customer buys a product, the system can automatically send coupons for related products they may need in the future. Or, if a potential customer abandons their cart, you can automatically trigger a shipping discount or price drop alert to be sent to them, which encourages them to complete the transaction.

Build Meaningful Customer Relationships and Loyalty Programs

In the world of e-commerce, it’s important to make your customers feel like they’re more than just another faceless shopper. CRM systems and loyalty programs are a great way to do this, if they’re done right. Usually, CRM systems require you – or the customer – to manually input data in order to collect relevant information about a customer. Website pop-ups and overly long registration forms can turn off customers and make them leave your site.

Integrated CRM software collects vital information for you when a customer completes a transaction, and it automatically makes a customer record, which it updates continually. From there, the system monitors customer loyalty and behavior, so when you offer them loyalty incentives you have genuine, customized insights backing you up. You can also automatically send personalized follow-up emails and stay on top of your customer satisfaction.

Better Buying

Using a combination of inventory automation and marketing data analytics, e-commerce businesses practice better buying. Find out what your customers are most interested in and when they want it, so you can order the appropriate amount of stock or eliminate products that are slow to sell. Additionally, you can see where your customers are learning about your products. Is it from social media? Your website? Promotional e-mails? By tracking this behavior, you learn which products sell best through certain channels and cater sales and stock management around your newfound knowledge.

E-commerce businesses are a smart way to expand your customer base and create an additional stream of income. Instead of making it a hassle to manage, business owners can rely on innovative automation software to do the hard work for them. Contact TallySoft today to learn about our industry-proven e-commerce solutions.

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