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4 Things to Know About Caring for Your Touchscreen POS System

April 10, 2016

Retailers are turning to touchscreen POS systems for their convenience and ease-of-use. These can be invaluable tools that streamline your business processes and help drive revenue. However, like any other commercial asset, they need to be cared for properly. Take these essential steps to safeguard your touchscreen POS system.

Read the Directions

It might be tempting to clean your system with whatever you have on hand, but this can spell disaster. Read your touchscreen POS manual to make sure you have any necessary special equipment, and follow recommended precautions before you start polishing.

Turn Your POS System Off

Turn off and unplug all hardware components connected to your system. As we know, liquid and electronics don’t mix. Even if your device comes with a “cleaning mode,” it’s safest to power down altogether.

Use a Dry Cloth First

Before applying any sort of cleanser, go over your monitors with a dry cloth to wipe up any excess dust or debris. Use a cloth made of microfiber or another lint-free material. Avoid substances like paper towel, which have rough edges that can scratch a delicate monitor. After a once-over with a dry cloth, use distilled water or a touch-screen specific solution to clean. A little goes a long way, so don’t use more liquid than what’s strictly necessary.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve given your screen a thorough cleaning with distilled water or a touch-screen cleaner, finish by wiping again with a micro-fiber or lint free cloth. Clearing off residual dampness protects your screen from any seeping liquid that could damage your system’s integrity. Your touchscreen system is an important element in your business, and like all assets, it must be protected. Clean screens perform better and keep your system in tip-top shape, but cleaning improperly can lead to a disaster. Exercise caution when cleaning your equipment—your business will thank you.

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