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4 Reasons POS Dealers Need to be True Partners to Retailers

February 13, 2018

POS dealers, a man and a woman, sitting at a table with another young. The young woman watches as the two young males shake hands across the table.The relationship between point of sale (POS) dealers and merchants is a personalized one. After all, the business of sales is a “people” business. The most successful resellers become so by building a solid foundation with their merchants that goes far beyond client and vendor.  A true partnership is at the core of that foundation. Here are four reasons why (and how) POS dealers need to be true partners to their retailers, providing a relationship that is profitable for you both.

1. Advancing Technology

For small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners operating in a niche marketplace, it can be challenging to manage day-to-day operations, yet alone stay informed about technology trends and how they may impact the business. This is where POS dealers can support merchants by staying ahead of trends and suggesting relevant products. It may be a new solution that provides real-time inventory management for seamless selling across channels. Perhaps it’s software with near-field communication (NFC) to accommodate the contactless payment trend for the tech-savvy consumer. By providing software that aligns with the current climate of the retail marketplace, dealers can better position their merchants competitively. In addition, you’ll position yourself as a trusted advisor—someone that your retailers rely on to help grow their business.

2. Changing Consumer Behavior

The business of retail is ever-evolving to meet the needs of changing consumer behavior. With a dominant millennial demographic leading the charge, SMBs need to be well-positioned to accommodate a generation that prioritizes convenience and personalized service. To remain competitive, particularly in a niche marketplace, retailers need to have tools that integrate selling across a variety of channels. They also need tools that help them communicate the right products to the right customers. As true partners, POS dealers need to provide proven solutions that address changing consumer behavior to position your retailers competitively.

3. Increasing Competition

For resellers, the service ecosystem gets more competitive by the minute. POS dealers need to play up what differentiates you from direct providers. In short—your expertise, and your proximity. As a true partner, you are near enough to your clients to provide them with localized service. From live phone calls, to face-to-face training time and troubleshooting, you are personally invested in your retailers’ success. In turn, the value of a local lead to a POS dealer is that much greater because you have a finite market reach. By continually educating yourself on the best products and solutions, and adding them to your line card, the more tools you’ll have in your arsenal to close the sale.

4. Multitude of Choices

On the flip side, retailers have many choices when it comes to a solution provider. POS dealers who are true partners help retailers focus on growing the business rather than just managing technology.  Your tool bag should include case studies demonstrating the success clients in related industries have had using your products and solutions. This goes a long way in pitching value over price, becoming for your retailers less of a vendor selling wares and more of a trusted advisor that has the knowledge and expertise to help them implement solutions that will grow their business.

Advancing technology, changing consumer behavior, increased competition, and a multitude of providers makes it difficult for merchants to navigate a complex landscape. As a POS dealer, you bring added value, by leading the way. Keep a keen eye for products that will benefit your clients, and further strengthen your relationship.

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