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4 Features of Future-Proof POS Systems

October 10, 2015

As POS systems continue to evolve, many business owners worry that they’re investing in a technology that is going to be obsolete. We’ve all experienced buying a brand new computer or phone only to see a much better version released a few months later. POS manufacturers are now making “future-proof” POS systems that function at the height of technology and will continue to do so for a very long time. So what are the features of these future-proof systems?

EMV Enabled

An EMV-enabled POS is a must for the upcoming years. Though the switch is voluntary now, this new technology will be mostly mandatory by 2017. New EMV cards are being issued in the millions, and by the end of this year a projected 600 million Americans will be proud EMV cardholders. The cards offer heightened security against credit card fraud because they create unique transaction codes during every swipe (or “dip”).

When shopping for a future-proof POS, EMV readability is the main component you should look for in an advanced system. It’s also a good idea to look for systems that take a wide range of payments. With the announcement of Apple Pay, it won’t be long before other businesses join the mobile, card-less payment train.

Mobile Access

Whether you’re shopping for a stationary terminal and several satellite mobile devices or a POS system for one tablet, mobile accessibility is the way of the future. Mobile POS systems allow employees and business owners to take the business with them anywhere. If you have a host of sales associates on the floor, the POS assists customers and makes sales.

If you’re trying to grow your small businss and want to be able to sell your products anywhere, mobile POS systems let you control your business from the palm of your hand. One of the best ways to ensure mobile capability is through wifi and cellular network access. POS systems that transmit data wirelessly or over 3G and 4G networks have more backup options and extra features.


POS systems shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Restaurant and retail sports shop POS’s need distinctly different features. POS systems should be catered to your business’s needs, and the features should be able to change as needed. Some newer POS systems are built on a framework of downloadable modules, so if you need to add on features in the future, all it takes is a simple download.

CRM-enabled POS let you manage your customer information and records and create and track loyalty programs. All retailers should have a CRM system of some sort, so this is another must-have feature when looking for a future proof POS.

Retail Businesss & POS Scalability

If you want your business to grow, your POS system should be able to grow with you. It should also be able to grow easily without the need for hours of implementation and POS specialists. Easily scaled POS systems allow you to add new employees to the roster with new permissions, salary, and tax functionality. They should let you add new customer benefits like gift cards, loyalty programs, promotions, etc.

Most importantly, a future-proof POS system should be able to support multiple locations when the time comes to expand, and all of these locations should be on the same page with customized, in-depth, and clean-looking reports. When looking for a POS that will stand the test of time, think about all the different ways your business may grow and look for solutions offered by POS systems.

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