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3 Ways POS Systems Help Your Sales Associates Make Better Sales

August 30, 2015

Retail stores can use industry specific features on their integrated POS systems to empower associates with more knowledge to increase sales. Mobile POS systems allow associates to make sales and look up inventory directly from the floor, while talking to the customer. Discover how your retail business can use features like these to put the power right in your associates’ hands.

Bring Attention to New Products

POS systems offer analytics in real-time, which means you can watch items fly off the shelves while it’s happening. Using this powerful information, retail sales associates can recommend the highest selling products to customers right then and there. The effect is even greater with mobile POS systems: associates can pull up information and visuals of the product to show the customer (while checking to make sure it’s still in stock) and then bring them to where it is located in store.

Size-Up Your Customers on the Floor

For retail apparel stores, there’s nothing more valuable than a mobile 3-D sizing grid. Systems that come with this feature allow your sales associates to find the size that will fit them best. This greatly reduces the time it takes for customers to try on multiple sizes, and it cuts down on associates’ repeated visits to the back inventory to check stock or get different sizes.

Customize Promotions and Discounts

Customer shopping experiences are more personalized thanks to POS systems and integrated analytics. Past purchase info from your POS can be fed directly to sales associates’ mobile tablets, so they can make customized recommendations and highlight related promotional items. For example, if your golf pro-shop customer recently bought a set of clubs, maybe your associate will want to recommend the newest apparel that is on sale or offer a discounted reservation or cart fee. Customers’ value personalized shopping and will reward you with loyalty if they’re made to feel special each time they visit your store.

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