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3 E-Commerce Predictions for 2015 and What They Mean to Businesses

August 3, 2015

Technology is constantly changing and moving forward, and businesses are always looking for ways to keep up. In the e-Commerce world, automation software is king, and it lets e-Commerce businesses efficiently and uniformly manage everything from POS to inventory tracking. As such, the world of e-Commerce is going to keep changing and moving forward as well.

Social Media Will Continue to Grow In Influence & Insight

Social media is already a huge part of how customers learn about new brands and how brands learn about their customers. Through the next year, social media channels are going to grow even more, and businesses are going to use them for insight to drive other operations. For example, Target recently started collecting Pinterest data in order to stock some of the more popularly pinned products. Not only does this help their site generate sales, but it also lends insight to corporate buyers and promotional product management.

Mobile Devices Will Become Payment Devices

Mobile devices are predicted to become the next big thing when it comes to payments. Bigger and faster phones mean higher conversion rates and simpler payment processes. Apple Pay already tapped into this capability, and it won’t be long before thousands of other businesses do too. Customers will be able to pay for meals at restaurants, services in-store, and products online with one simple click on their touch-screen. Faster, easier payment systems keep your customer’s happy and your business running at top efficiency.

E-Commerce Sites Will Embrace Minimalism

With all the fuss about optimizing your site for mobile, there is going to be quite a bit of downsizing when it comes to e-Commerce websites and focusing on minimalism. Customers don’t want to research your product or service on a mobile device only to be barraged with pop-ups, tiny menus, and cut-off articles. As such, many businesses will start to cut down on flashy ads, lengthy content, and redirecting links, instead opting to keep all relevant product information and coinciding content on one page. Streamlined websites will also lead to better search functionality, so customers can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

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