Hobby / Toy Store POS Systems

Manage your day to day tasks with one fully integrated and user-friendly solution.

TallySales POS for Hobby and Toy Shops offers a complete POS and back office management system. Equip employees with an efficient and user-friendly Touch POS. Track every piece of specialized inventory and know when stock gets low. Take the guess work out of marketing to the correct audience by using analytical data to determine what is selling the best. Use POS reporting to manage your back office and ordering needs. Support in-store and e-commerce sales.

Industry Specific Point of Sale Features
  • Packages Sell items in bulk or in creatively designed kits to boost sales. Pre-program specific package deals and sell hobby equipment, tools, and toys together with the touch of a button. TallySales intuitively checks product availability to fill employee up-sells.
  • Work Orders Easily create an itemized work order to track an employee’s services giving customers an estimated time to completion. Add the work order to a customer’s receipt and print or email.
  • Customer Loyalty Reward returning customers and keep track of their loyalty status. Track customer buying trends and purchasing history. Define demographics to target mail to a specific or wide range of customers. Offer gift cards, membership cards, bonus bucks and discount plans.

What Can You Expect from TallySales? Download our Complete POS Guide to TallySales Retail Management Suite


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