Food & Beverage POS Systems

Improve efficiency in overall business practices and maximize customer experience.

TallySales POS for the Food and Beverage industry offers a complete POS and back office management system. Equip employees with an efficient and user-friendly Touch POS. The fully integrated POS system is web-based and can be operated 24-7 from any location. All branches can operate on one system and still generate individualized reports.

From chains to franchises, vendors, kiosks, and mom-and-pop joints, the food and beverage industry relies heavily on fully stocked and well-timed inventory ordering. Sales reports let you see what the most popular specials and drinks are, so you can build an effective marketing campaign and create new specials that are certain to sell. Keep track of employee sales and hours.

Point of Sale Features for the Food & Beverage Industry
  • Unit of Measure Order preprogrammed units of inventory, such as large parcels for what you need most and smaller shipments for specialty meals. Generate smart report templates so your bar and kitchen managers know exactly what they need to order every week. Easily access order history and find out which ingredients were used the quickest.
  • Scale Mode Eliminate inventory discrepancies and accurately track food down to the last pound.
  • Customer Loyalty Program Create brand awareness and keep your customers coming back. Gift cards and merchandise credit cards are easily customizable. Offer reward points for frequent visiting customers.

What Can You Expect from TallySales? Download our Complete POS Guide to TallySales Retail Management Suite


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